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QUUX Gopher Mirror (2006 Duplication)

Published 2006

From the README:

This is a collection of mirrors maintained by These
mirrors were taken offline in 2006 due to bandwidth constraints.

This collection prepared April 2010 by John Goerzen


Compressed size: 1.6GB
Uncompressed size: 3.8GB
File count: 102736

The content includes:
/pub/gopher from the FTP site, including various historic Gopher
software packages for many operating systems

[ site no longer exists ]
/pub from the FTP site, an early electronic book/magazine

[ site no longer exists but is in as a web site ]

fidonews collection, 1984-2002
Collection of FidoNet newsletters
The Usernet/Internet Oracle archive, snapshot taken in 2002

[ site still up; mirror taken in 2002 ]
PDP-1, -7, -8, and -11 simulators collection

[ site no longer exists ]
EFF newsletter collection
Files relating to PDP-10 and PDP-11

[ site is down ]
TRS-80 CoCo II emulator and collection of CoCo II software

[ site no longer exists ]
The old GN gopher server. Last updated 1995.

[ site no longer exists ]
Files pertaining to the Usenet newsgroups, comp.sources.misc, comp.sources.reviewed,
comp.sources.sun, comp.sources.unix

[ site is up but this data is gone ]

Interactive Fiction archive snapshot

[ site is up ]

OBI: the Online Books Initiative
Another early etext site. From

[ site is up, but as a Web site only now ]

risks: the risk of technology digest
Mirror of that site. Site is still up.
An old Gopher site. The Gopher metadata is included in the mirror.

Various etexts, especially related to government.

A Web site now exists at that location, but Gopher is down.
Some old Unix-based utilities and programs.

[ site is down ]
Joel Klecker's website. Joel Klecker was a Debian developer that
died in 2000 at the age of 21.

[ site is down ]
Includes DOS programs for various outdates compression formats


Compressed size: 4MB
Uncompressed size: 51MB
File count: 9987

Usenet articles from around 1981, before the Great Renaming.

Not sure where I got this archive from.

Identifier quux-gopher-mirror
Mediatype web
Date 2006
Year 2006
Publicdate 2011-05-11 15:17:49
Addeddate 2011-05-11 15:16:13


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Jason Scott
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